Thirty-three million TV households, more than 30 analog television channels, and an annual advertising turnover of 7.7 billion euros: Germany’s TV market is the second largest in the world. Despite consolidation and the current advertising slump, the German television market has tremendous potential. In light of the recent changes following the KirchGroup’s bankruptcy and the planned sale and digital upgrade of the cable distribution networks, an upheaval of the German TV landscape is expected.

While established companies face the challenge of positioning themselves in the changing market environment, new firms are being afforded opportunities by the development. International companies, meanwhile, confront an opaque, federally organized German media landscape. A prerequisite for getting involved in this market is therefore precise observation of the nuances and structures of the market and an in-depth understanding of the players and locations.

Such information is provided in a comprehensive new study by HMR International titled “The German TV Market Inside Out.” In addition to general market data, chapters on the broadcasting, production and distribution industries, the large media conglomerate’s strategies, the major media capitals and film and TV funding in Germany, the study offers an extensive directory of all important companies and executives. HMR International, the leading German media consultant, regularly issues the established publications “Television Yearbook” and “Who Controls the Media? The World’s 50 Top Media Companies.”

“The German TV Market Inside Out”
475 pages
Price: 950 EUR

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